Сonstruction of the filling stations


At the filling stations, in order to store liquid gas fuel in a proper way, it is necessary to install tanks made of steel. Our company specializes in manufacturing of steel tanks and performs the whole volume of jobs connected with the filling stations: the jobs closely related to the process of the tank cleaning, repair work, reconstruction, construction of the new filling stations.

The range of our services involves the following kinds of work as for the location of the following objects the in the area of the AZK:
steel tanks for storage of liquid fuel;
– filling station dispensers in sheds;
– operator-house;
– pumping equipment;
– fire fighting equipment;
– fences;
– efficient local disposal facilities;
– effective lightning arresters;
– electrochemical corrosion protection of underground constructions.

The volume of tanks at the filling stations have to be strictly related to the relevant official regulations. The tanks have to be divided into a certain number of sections (from 2 to 5), with built-up reliable hermetic divide walls and thus, which can contain up to 5 types of homogeneous liquid fuel. On the pipelines of the gas-leveling tank system, special relief and fire-safe valves are installed to reduce the losses of fuel during the evaporation.

All the jobs related to the construction and the repair of all types of filling stations are performed according to the working projects, evaluated and recommended by the regulatory authorities Investexpertise. The entire package of working documents for the construction of the AZK includes our company’s specialized construction management plan, as well as the project for the implementation of construction operations. The execution of all construction work, special quality control of the construction and, of course, the acceptance of the work performed are carried out in accordance with the standards of the process flow diagram and the operating control schemes.