Corrosion Resistant Tanks Protection

corrosion-resistant-tanks-protectionCenterreservoirservice Ltd has been successfully working in the sphere of installation and maintenance of storage tanks for various applications since 1999. For more than 15 years of efficient work, we have been able to analise the tendency why the customers apply to us mainly for the corrosion resistant alloy of tanks. In the early years of our activity, we received orders for the outer tank coating without any surface pretreatment. As a rule, coating was performed with the use of white or silver paint PF 115. Nowadays, in the connection with a steady rise in prices for fuel, as well as the fuel quality requirements, our customers prefer to have the inner corrosion resistant alloy of tanks performed, besause it completely eliminates any possibility of rust getting into the fuel. So, it is obvious that the key factor in the implementation of corrosion resitant protection of the tank is the significant extension of its useful life. Even for a person far from this sphere of activity, it is clear that the volume of expenses for the installation of a completely new tank cannot be compared to the cost of the routine preventive corrosion resistant procedures.

In recent years, we have been receiving a lot of orders from suppliers of fertilizers – orders related to the assembly and coating of tanks for the ammonia water, carbamide-ammonia mixture, and liquid chemical fertilizers. In practice, the degree of corrosion in these types of tanks is much higher, and we strongly recommend our customers to use an inner corrosion resistant alloy of high level for such kind of tanks. The effective coating work can be performed only after a thorough sandblasting surface treatment to the required degree of the metal cleaning. Today, there are a lot of different methods of coating. In recent years, we have been doing coating mainly with the paints produced by Pentalak and Hempel companies as the most efficient. Hempel’s paints are supplied from France. The dealer-company is very responsible, reliable and takes into account all our prepositions. Pentalak Paints Co is the domestic producer, located in the city of Shostka, where in the Soviet times it worked for the defence industry. Centerreservoirservice Co has all the necessary official permits, as well as the necessary equipment in order to protect your tank against corrosion that can significantly extend the useful life of the tank.