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installation-of-tanks-in-algeriaIn order to provide the fire safety, the fire extinguishing device must be always at hand. At home it can be a fire extinguisher but in the working environment, the inflammation can be extinguished with water. If there is no direct or easy access to water at the production plants, it is necessary to have a large water reserve there. Storage tanks manufactured by Centerreservoirservice Company perfectly suit this purpose. Do you need a storage facility for water? Apply to our company and order the installation of tanks. In Algeria, Morocco, Sudan and Ukraine, there’s still plenty of water, but the situation could change any time and it is necessary to think of it in advance.

Storage tanks for water are different in their applications. They can be distinguished as the process water tanks, drinking water tanks and rainwater tanks. Firewater tanks can be determined as technical water tanks and they can be active and passive. These types of tanks have no critical distinctions in their structures.  They only differ by the rules of operation and by some additional elements, so the process of installation of tanks in Algeria or Kazakhstan won’t have any conceptual difference. The main focus is the scope of manufacturing, the volume and the material – steel is used in construction, plastic is used for domestic purposes.

Any fire departments must always have the required reserve of water for fire-fighting operations. The production plants also use the accumulation of water in case of problems with the water supply or for the fire-fighting activity. Water doesn’t have to be clean for these purposes, so the maintenance of water storage tanks is different from the service of clean water containers. In order to determine the quality of water ‘before’ and ‘after’ the tank, there are special intake manifolds used for the tanks maintenance check. Technical water doesn’t have to be controlled very often but it does not mean that the condition of the tank shouldn’t be checked. Cleaning and disinfection of the inner part of the tanks as well as the pipelines should be carried out regularly in accordance with the operating rules. These types of tanks are usually the underground tanks. It is not difficult to arrange the storage of water, just necessary to find the location and order the installation of tanks. In Algeria and in other countries, water is not allowed in the fire-fighting of the petroleum products because it can make the situation more dangerous. For these purposes the special mixtures are used for smothering.


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