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installation-of-tanks-in-kuwaitIn order to organize the installation of tanks in Kuwait, Georgia, Tajikistan or somewhere else, first, it is necessary to set the purpose of the construction. Centerreservoirservice Company specializes in producing custom-made tanks of different types and modifications. You can order a single tank or the whole storage facilities consisting of the vertical and horizontal tanks. After the customer requirements are set, our qualified designers develop a construction project which takes into account not only the production of the tank, but also the construction of the whole storage facility. The distinctive feature of Centerreservoirservice Company is that we perform our job thoroughly from start to finish and in order to guarantee the high-quality work. On the one hand, it gives the customer the opportunity not to search for the subcontractors. On the other hand, it allows the contractor team to control all the aspects of construction and be responsible not only for the tanks themselves, but also for the pipe line which connects them, the valves which provide the operation, the pumps and the correct installation of all these devices. The well-organized work and the clear understanding of both the production processes and the principles of operation of the storage facility help to consider all the details.

One more peculiarity of our company is the direct – in the location of a future operation – installation of tanks. In Kuwait, there’s a lot of unused land, so, there would be no problems with the place for construction, but in other regions it can be a challenge. This type of installation requires a lot of space to provide the construction site for the tank, the approach track for the installation equipment, the accommodation modules including temporary housing for workers. During the construction process, the building area will take the clearer shape, less equipment will be required and the auxiliary structures can be removed. The tanks will be joined by the pipe line and the tracks will be made over the whole storage facility.

One more important thing is electricity. In order to carry out welding and other kinds of work, it is necessary to provide the construction area with the no-break power supply by using the generator units. All types of work require official permits, and safety regulations must be strictly observed. Especially it concerns the reconstruction and repair of the fuel storage facilities. Fire and explosion safety rules must be also carefully observed during the additional installation of tanks. In Kuwait there were some cases of fire in the oil mines.


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