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installation-of-tanks-in-omanBefore starting the installation of tanks in Oman, Algeria, Morocco and other countries, it is necessary to carry out the preparatory work. This work has to be done by both the customer and the contractor chosen. If you order a big storage facility with the tanks of vertical type, you have to provide a lot of information on the basis of which the detailed construction project will be developed. First of all, the project designer needs to know what will be stored in the tank and then what is the density of the liquid, if there are any corrosion-active contaminants, at what temperature it should be stored. After that, it is possible to talk about the tank itself – its parameters, its volume, the size and its service life. Operating conditions of the tank are also very important, namely the level of the excess pressure maintained, how many times a year the tank has to be filled and emptied, if there’s a need for insulation. The complexity of the work, its cost and the implementation time depend directly on this information. Another important parameter is the place where the construction has to be organized. Before approving a particular area as the construction site, it is necessary to carry out the site exploration, to determine the level of the groundwater and seismic activity and many other details. The high level of the groundwater eliminates the possibility of the underground installation of tanks. In Oman, there are no such kinds of problems because here, on the contrary, there are serious problems with the water supply.

If there is no choice and you have to do the construction in a selected area, you have to carry out dewatering operations. These measures will protect the groundwater and simplify the process of construction and operation of the tanks. All tank structures must be located on a secure site with the reliable foundation and all the necessary structure components installed.

In order to arrange the smooth operation of tanks, it is necessary to install a large number of accessories and tools – hatches, pipe headers, breather valves, vent branch pipes, taps and so on. You will also need more complex equipment – devices for the tank cleaning and preventing the sediments and their accumulation, the liquid level gauge and others. All these things are necessary for the installation of tanks in Oman or anywhere else.


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