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installation-of-tanks-in-saudi-arabiaOur company is expanding, and it makes available in many countries manufacturing and installation of tanks. In Saudi Arabia, Centerreservoirservice Company is not going to establish its representative office yet, but the country can give large opportunities for the potential work. Rich oil deposits in this region stimulate the development of different branches of oil industry and as a result – the need for high-quality reliable storage facilities, means of transportation of raw materials and different manufacturing products. These products can include not only the petroleum products but fertilizers, ammonia and other substances which require storage in the safe and reliable tanks.

Saudi Arabia is developing – it builds new roads, ports and airports and at the same time it exports agricultural products, which is strange in itself for the desert climate. It is possible only for the economy with the efficient use of resources and fertilizers. Large storage tanks for water and fertilizers are already available in this big country but as the economy develops so fast, the additional installation of tanks in Saudi Arabia may be required. Such work requires careful preparation and high-quality materials, so we deal only with reliable suppliers and use only the certified materials. Steel sheets, painting and protective materials, welding equipment, pipes, valves and other tools – we use only those materials and equipment which are reliable and can guarantee the integrity and efficiency of our work for years. In order to provide long lasting results, it is necessary to carry out routine inspection and scheduled preventive maintenance of the tank structures otherwise the useful life of the facilities will be shortened significantly. Over the years of operation, the corrosion-resistant coating can be worn out, bottom settlings, rust and bloom on the walls can appear. The secondary structures of the tank can be influenced by many other negative processes too. So, without proper maintenance, you may require the extensive repair or unscheduled installation of tanks. In Saudi Arabia, such kinds of problems can also arise because it doesn’t matter where the tank is located, it’s important to keep it in order, and the tank will operate for a long time, it will be very useful and will require fewer operation costs.


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