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installation-of-tanks-in-the-united-arab-emiratesRepair, deinstallation, installation of tanks in the United Arab Emirates are the demanding kinds of work because the only way to store the large volumes of water, fertilizers, oil and petroleum products is the use of tanks of different modifications. The existing tank structures have to be regularly maintained and kept in order and the new ones have to be constructed when the economy grows. There are no problems with the oil extraction in the country but there are a lot of problems with fresh water supply. The fast development of the agricultural sector has led to the draining of the large underground water resources because the groundwater has gone deep down. The issue of the fresh water supply remains the critical. But as it is known, the urgent need gives the solution to any problem. Nearly a hundred desalination plants work hard to provide at least 65% of the country’s demand for fresh water.

Water, which is extracted so difficult, must be stored and transported. The most important thing is the transportation of life-giving water to the oases, the places, where people grow vegetables, palm trees and wheat. The most appropriate tanks for these purposes are of horizontal types fixed onto trucks. Since there is no railway connection, road transportation is the only way to deliver water to the right place, prepare the construction site and organize installation of tanks. In the United Arab Emirates the national greening program is working and it makes the water supply issue even more critical.

Across the territory of the UAE, you can find oil extraction plants, crude-oil refineries, large tank farms, desalination plants and water storage bases.

Since there is much space in the desert area, the installation of tanks in the United Arab Emirates directly on the site of their further operation may not cause any problems. The matter is that for the construction of the big-volume tanks, the large construction area is needed in order to weld large-size steel plate which will be used for the production of the tank walls. It is necessary only in those cases when the erection is carried out from the separate steel sheets. If the tank is produced from already made plates, which are being brought to the construction site in large rolls, it will require considerably less space. It is a common construction method of storage facilities consisting of the great number of capacious tanks. This method of construction saves time and space. For example, the construction of one medium-size tank takes about two weeks but the large-size one – about a month including all the necessary tests.


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