Liquid chemical fertilizers tank farms

liquid-chemical-fertilizers-tank-farmsThe vast majority of farmers in Ukraine tend to use liquid chemical fertilizers more often. Today, one of the most available liquid fertilizers is carbamide-ammonia mixture which contains three forms of nitrogen. This characteristic feature makes the fertilizer more technological, and the carbamide-ammonia mixture is considered to be the best product for sale among the agroindustrial firms in this country. According to the statistics research, the actual percentage of carbamide-ammonia mixture consumption in the period from 2005 to 2013 has risen by as much as 35 times! If we consider this particular fact, it becomes quite clear that the tendency of construction of storage and distribution plants for liquid fertilizers grows up by the second. It is also confirmed by the fact that our work teams are full-time busy because our company is the leader in the construction of liquid fertilizers tank farms.

While constructing such facilities, we consider the basic technological scheme needed for the storage, as well as preparation for the use of liquid fertilizers. The scheme consists of the following operations:

  • – unloading of chemical products from the railway tanks (at the stokpiles) or tank trucks (at the distribution points) into storage tanks;
  • – providing the proper treatment of fertilizers on storage;
  • – filling vehicles with fertilizers.

All operations in the process of filling the storage tanks for liquid nitrogen and chemical fertilizers, as well as the filling of vehicles are performed automatically in the hermetically sealed piping system. The special points for unloading liquid fertilizers from the railway tanks are equipped with a special device both for bottom and top unloading. The number of all the necessary discharge equipment is determined by our specialists in the design calculation. At the stage of the project design, the construction of all the ‘future’ tank farms as well as the distribution plants are agreed with the protection and environmental safety authorities.

Our engineers have developed special efficient techniques, methods, organization process and implementation schemes for construction, and all these facts provide the smooth operation of the liquid chemical fertilizers tank farms.