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manufacture a tank in ethiopia 300x190 Manufacture a tank in EthiopiaCenterreservoirservice Company has been working in the area of the tank construction for more than 16 years. During this period a lot of steel tanks were manufactured and repaired by our company. We are actively keeping to the policy of expanding and study different regions suitable for the tank construction. We do some research even on those regions where we won’t be lucky enough to work.  So, we unlikely have the opportunity to manufacture a tank in Ethiopia, Algeria, Oman and other interesting countries. It is geographically far away and economically unreasonable. After studying the situation in Ethiopia, we can judge that the most common types of tanks constructed in this country are those which are applied for storage and production of petroleum products and fertilizers. The country is mainly oriented to agriculture and industrial sector is not very developed.

It is known that the development of agriculture requires machines and fertilizers. In Ethiopia, agricultural machines are mainly being filled in with the diesel fuel which is imported. It is usually supplied in the horizontal tanks which are sent to storage later. Sometimes the fluid is transferred into other containers of a larger size but this process requires a special system that provides a high-quality fuel intake and prevents its loss and spillage. Diesel fuel has to be stored in special tanks which are protected from overheating and equipped with all necessary tools (gauges, thief-tubes, etc.).

Taking into account the state of the country’s economy, to manufacture a tank in Ethiopia is not so reasonable as to repair the tank farms which have already been constructed. There are a lot of tank farms in different regions of the country and they are pretty worn out. If you put the storage tanks into operation, you have to carry out the preventive maintenance. If it hasn’t been done for a long time, it may lead to the emergency situations which can result in the loss of product and profits and may threaten the environment. Centerreservoirservice Company carries out such kinds work and we know from our experience how it is important to establish routine maintenance procedures.

We do not have any prospects to do the repair jobs or manufacture a tank in Ethiopia and in other African countries yet, but we hope that one day it will be possible.

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