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manufacture a tank in south africa 300x169 Manufacture a tank in South AfricaWhat should you do if the standard tanks are not suitable for some particular purposes? No problem, you can apply to the company which is engaged in construction and installation of the custom-made tanks. Centerreservoirservice Company will take your order for such kind of tanks, and we’ll do our best, in short possible terms, to manufacture a tank. In South Africa, the tank of a nonstandard shape – slightly different from the classical cylindrical one, can be applied in winemaking. Nowadays, the wooden barrels are rarely applied in wine industry but, on the contrary, the steel tanks are widely used. For example, they are used in the production of sparkling wines, namely in the process of refermentation. Such kinds of tanks are sometimes applied for wine storage.

It is important that the material, which the tank is made of, doesn’t affect the taste and the quality of the product stored and at the same time doesn’t undergo the corrosive effect of the alcohol, acid and alkali. So, the steel tanks for wine storage have to be covered inside with the special combined materials such as the glass enamel. As an alternative, stainless steel can also be used for the inside coating, and it is even the better option because the damaged enamel can split off and cannot be restored. Some kinds of lacquer also work well for the internal coating.  The most appropriate material for wine storage is the stainless steel because due to the suitable properties of this material, there’s no need to use the additional coating to manufacture a tank. In South Africa, there’s a developed transport system, so wine can be also transported by tank cisterns. It makes transportation more economic and reduces losses as compared with the use of the glass containers.

The tank structures for wine products can be of different types. For example, the vertical tanks of a cylindrical shape can be applied for the fermentation process. They are equipped with an upper hatch for loading the raw materials into the tank and a hatch on the bottom of the side wall for unloading the tank. Horizontal types of tanks are used to store wine. Since wine has to be stored at a given temperature, the tank operates like a thermos and it is equipped with the thermometer. The valves, branch pipes and windows are installed.

For the storage of wine products, Centerreservoirservice Company can easily manufacture a tank. In South Africa, the tanks are probably not made of steel. They may be manufactured of the lighter but no less durable glass fiber but the tanks constructed by our company are made of steel.

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