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manufacture a tank in sudan 1 300x197 Manufacture a tank in SudanIn order to manufacture a tank in Sudan, it is necessary to solve the problem the materials supply because chemical products and metal are imported here. The quality of the work depends on the quality of metal, coating and protective materials. In the construction of tanks for fertilizers, which are widely used in agriculture nowadays, the thickness of the steel tank walls must be 6mm and they are to have the corrosion-resistant coating in order to be protected from the corrosive environment that can damage the metal and lead to rust and wear of the tank. The coating protects the steel well enough but the quality of the paint doesn’t depend on us, so it is necessary to “make assurance double sure” and to enter the “maintenance check” into the operating instruction or it would be better to carry out the planned preventive maintenance in two or three years’ time. Despite the maintenance down time, the tank will work longer with the increased reliability in the end.

manufacture a tank in sudan 2 300x199 Manufacture a tank in SudanIn order to manufacture a tank in Sudan, it is necessary to have the high-quality equipment. There are not many good roads in Sudan but there’s a railway, so there is no problem to deliver the necessary equipment, generator units and other materials. The materials are required in large quantity regardless whether the steel sheets or the finished plates are going to be used for the installation. In addition to steel and coating materials, a lot of other things are required – welding and construction materials, metal tubes, angle elements for the construction of the tanks and the piping system connecting the tanks together. What is more needed – the equipment to be installed inside the tanks, generator units to provide the construction area with electricity, the access equipment which is required for the erection of the big-size and heavy tanks.

 Qualified workers are important too, they will perform the erection, setup, processing and coating of the tanks and other kinds of the construction work on the tank farms. Centerreservoirservice Company always monitors the quality of the staff, and we can assure you that our team is able to manufacture a tank in Sudan, even in its desert area. Our experts have the high skill-categories and all the permits to perform the elevated and high-voltage jobs.

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