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manufacture a tank in tunisia 300x241 Manufacture a tank in TunisiaAt present, Centerreservoirservice Company is not ready to manufacture a tank in Tunisia because the net of our representative offices is not so wide yet. But having the idea what kinds of industrial fields of the country are developing now, we can suppose where the tanks are mostly applied.

For example, there are lots of airports in the country. Airplanes need fuel; the fuel, in its turn, needs the high-quality and safe storage. Jet fuel has a large number of indicators determining the level of its quality. Some of these indicators are important for the tank construction. The corrosion activity of the fuel to the steel, which is used for the tank construction, is determined by the fuel viscosity, its acidity and the sulphur level. Such corrosion activity determines the degree of protection of the internal surfaces of the tank, which is performed by corrosion-resistant materials that produce the coating on the metal, which prevents rusting and its destruction. As some types of fuel are flammable, it is required to follow the technology of the tank installation taking into account the level of danger of these kinds of fuel. There is, so called, a ‘combined’ method of installation when the tank is installed on the earth mound surface. The reservoirs can be installed under the ground too. As for the fuel storage, it’s a good option to manufacture a tank in Tunisia in the area of its installation, so it eliminates the need for its transportation and delivery.

In combined installation, the requirements on the pressure which is put on the tank structure by the earth mount are not taken into account but it would be better to make the walls of the vertical tanks stronger by adding some reinforcing ribs or by increasing the thickness of the walls. Taking into account that allowance for corrosion is approximately 1.5 mm, the thickness of the wall must be not less than 8 mm and the treatment of the outer part of the tank mustn’t be neglected. Since the tank is under the earth mount, it will be impossible to make an additional treatment of the outer surface later. It is necessary to cover the outer surface of the tank with the high-quality durable environmentally friendly coating beforehand. The internal protective coating should not affect the quality and fuel parameters.

During the business period, Centerreservoirservice Company has constructed a lot of different kinds of tanks – for fuel, plant oils, water, fertilizers and for other products. The quality of our work is high, and if we have the opportunity to manufacture a tank in Tunisia, we’ll take the chance.

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