Manufacturing of tanks

tanks-manufacturingOver the years of the efficiant work, our company’s specialists have developed and implemented their own techniques of the manufacturing and installation of storage steel tanks (both vertical and horizontal) directly at the area of their further operation, which in itself is more economical for the customer, than to purchase and deliver tanks from the manufacturing plant. Our tested technology of steel tanks production meets all the regulations and standards and the quality level of the tanks, produced by our company, is not lower than the quality of the manufactured ones.

The process of manufacturing and erection of tanks directly at the site of their further operation has a great number of advantages:

  • the time for production and installation of the tanks is significantly reduced (the construction period can last from 2 to 4 weeks);
  • there is no need in transportating the tank because it’s being erected directly in the area of its further operation;
  • manufacturing of the custom-made tanks (of any volume and unusual shapes).

The main stages of the tank construction in the area of its further operation are as follows:

  • project designing of the tank;
  • manufacturing of the foundation for the tank;
  • manufacturing of the tank walls;
  • manufacturing of the tank bottom and dome;
  • the inspection of all welded spots;
  • the erection of the tank shell;
  • the installation of the tank dome;
  • the assembly and welding of the erection joints;
  • weilding of the tank floor plate and dome;
  • the thorough inspection of all welded spots;
  • the incut of the structural access covers and the installation of the attachments;
  • manufacturing and installation of the tank catwalks and railings;
  • hydrotesting of the tank;
  • the corrosion protection procedures;
  • putting the tank into operation.


The dimensions of a vertical steel tank (VST)*

Name Volume, m3 Height, mm Diameter, mm
VST-100 100 6000 4700
VST-200 200 6000 6600
VST-300 300 7500 7600
VST-400 400 7500 8500
VST-700 700 9000 10400
VST-1000 1000 12000 10400
VST-2000 2000 12000 15200
VST-3000 3000 12000 19000
VST-5000 4000 15000 21000

* Our company can manufacture custom-made tanks of any size, dimensions and unusual shapes.