Repair of tanks

repair-of-tanksThe repair jobs of a tank are usually carried out after the tank has been checked and the repair report has been issued. The strategic advantage of our company’s work is that we perform all jobs as a single complex task and it attracts the customers. Sometimes the customer evaluates the volume of the repair jobs himself but he can economise on the inspection when he applies to our company. While checking the tank, the leveling is being carried out, and if there’s a big tilt, the tank is jacked up and tamped with sand. When the bottom of a tank has the solid concrete weights, a hammer is used while it is being replaced. Sometimes it takes up to 7 days to empty the tank and then to break the weights. If the technicians, who perform the welding jobs of the bottom, are not skilfull enough, it may result in canning which has to be eliminated further. Nevertheless, in our company the problem of canning was solved long ago and we can gurantee high-quality welding of the tank bottom without canning. Sometimes we have to strengthen the bottom plate near the tank wall. If it is not more than 10 cm, we simply move down the tank shell by this height. If the degree of corrosion is higher, it is unreasonable for the customer to reduce the volume of the tank, so we have to install a tyre or change the first ring of a shell. The volume of the tank can be increased by adding one more ring without any extra costs. When the shell is lifted by one ring (vertical steel tank 400), the volume increases by 70 m3.
If the roof pitch is small, we often change the roof deck or selvages. The repair work of the vertical steel tanks is labor-intensive and has its own peculiarities, so only skillful workers can perform such kind of jobs.