Sandblasting of metal structures, including tanks

sandblasting-of-metal-structuresSandblasting jobs must be carried out before coating, and it may provide the smooth operation of the tank for at least another 5 years, till the next routine coating procedures to be done. Nowadays, the application of the antirust compositions requires the special preparation of the surface, level 2a minimum, as the experts say “for the silver”. Before coating, it is necessary to make the metal surface rough which may improve the adhesion. In order to perform sandblasting jobs, it is necessary to have a compressor with the capacity of 6 m3 of air per minute and the pressure must be at least of 6 atmospheres. In order to prevent oil from getting into the compressor, the grease filter is used. For spacing, quartz sand or corundum of a certain fraction are use. If the composition is of small fraction, the degree of the surface preparation will be insufficient, which may result in a low-quality coating. It should be noted in particular that workers’ protection is very important in sandblasting. In order to avoid silicosis, the workers can’t perform this kind of jobs without personal protection devices. Sandblasting is very hard physical work, but this particular part of jobs may provide a high-quality coating and a long useful life of the tank.
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