Services and defectoscopy of tanks


Due to the significant rise in prices for the resources, it is necessary to carry out regular check and services of tanks to prevent the unnecessary expenses for the repair jobs as a result of a failure and the unplanned shutdowns. Our company has been engaged in maintenance and services of the tanks for 15 years, and our trained employees have the 30-year experience in this field. Our technicians are often asked to do the weld crack detection, but they cannot inspect the whole tank because of their limited skills. The accumulated experience in detection and service and the accurate statistics of tank failures allow us to make reasoned conclusions about the tank performance and the repair expenses.
High-quality coating of the tank and a good corrosion resistant alloy provide the smooth operation of the tank and reduce the volume of the maintenance work.
The most frequently repaired part of a tank is the bottom, as well as the tank floor plate, then the roof decking, railing, tank catwalks and skirting. The welded-on componenets in the tank top ring must be rewelded because there can be corroded parts of the wall under them that may result in a product damage. The guaranteed service life of a tank is 20 years, but under normal conditions of running and, if the preventive maintenance is involved, it can actually operate for 50 years. It cannot be compared to the aircraft, but according to the statistics, the accidents in the air are less frequent than on Earth because of the various types of routine maintenance procedures established in aviation. Therefore, cleaning and inspection done on time will allow you to get your profits significantly longer than you expect.