Storage systems for vegetable oils

storage-systems-for-vegetable-oilsCenterreservoirservice Co is engaged in construction of the storage facilities for vegetable oils. The storage systems of different volumes provide more opportunities to cope with large amounts of all known types of vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed, palm, palm kernel, palm stearin, coconut, olive and others). In recent times in Ukraine, the cultivation of sunflower crops has become one of the key areas in the agricultural business that may result in a steady growth of vegetable oils production and it can provide an excellent opportunity to develop business in food industry.

Storage tanks for vegetable oils function as the thermos bottles heating the product inside and thermoinsulating it outside. Tank farms for vegetable oils are usually located in the specialized areas according to the planned development that is carefully carried out by our designers. The location of the storage facilities mainly depends on the distance to the railway, pipeline and onshore units. According to the customer requirements, tank farms and storage plants of vegetable oils can ship any volume of products – from the small one (one truck tanker) up to the big (several thousand tons).

All storage facilities of vegetable oils designed by our engineers provide an excellent opportunity to transfer vegetable oils with minimum costs and friendly to the environment. All construction and installation jobs, as well as the equipment packaging of tanks are carried out by our qualified personnel, who have a lot of experience in dealing with petroleum products, liquid fertilizers, glycerin and other products.

Our company may help you to construct, grow and develop your business not only in the food industry but also in perfume and cosmetics area, medicine and many other fields.