Tank cleaning

tank-cleaningOur company has engaged in cleaning of tanks of any types and applications for about 15 years. We get a lot of experience in this area during this time. Cleaning techniques of a vertical type of steel tanks are different from the cleaning techniques of the horizontal ones which, in their turn, are divided into the underground and above-ground types. The equipment used in cleaning, have to be safe and thoroughly tested. The jobs have to be done only by highly-trained specialists and at least by three people. The work have to be coordinated and directed by an engineer because this type of work is considered to be higly dangerous, and the company must have an official permition to carry out such kinds of jobs. At first, in the process of the tank degassing, the concentration of explosive fumes is checked with the gas analyzer and only after that the cleaning jobs can start. In exceptional cases, the workers have to use the hose gas masks, so the job can’t last for more than 20 minutes, then the workers have to be replaced. The harmful wastes of the cleaning process are collected into the special barrels and sent for recycling.

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