Tank farms for storage and distribution of oil products


Centerreservoirservice Ltd is the leader in the business of construction of tank farms for quality storage of oil and, of course, oil products. Since 1999, the company has built dozens of different storage plants across the territory of Ukraine and in the other countries. Our customers are usually large companies supplying fuel to the big international airports, the leading filling station chains or businesses that have large amounts of oil in storage.
Our company has a wide experience in the construction and the complete reconstruction of tank farms of the most various kinds:
– the type of transit;
– the factory type;
– the type of import;
– the distribution type.
One of the main points of the discussion, that usually arises among our customers before the construction, is the matter of determining the size of a tank farm with a view of its further extension, because in the construction of such objects the most expensive part (60%) refers to the tank batteries. This fact is considered by the qualified staff of Centerreservoirservice Co, and in the process of designing, they carefully follow the general scheme approved by the customer, and fulfill all the customer specifications. At the same time we provide the operation abilities of a whole storage plant. We meet all the customer requirements, and at the same time never go beyond the state regulatory standards.