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Installation of the tanks

Tanks of big sizes are practically used in the industrial and agricultural sectors. They function as the storage for oil, fertilizers, big amounts of water and other substances. But while buying the big-volume tanks, two main problems can arise. The first is the limited number of nominal sizes. The second is the delivery problems. Your decision to place an order in our company will help you to avoid the both problems because the peculiarity of our business is the manufacturing and installation of the tanks directly on the site of their future operation. The main idea of the production process is to assemble the tank structure from the steel plates of the required sizes by welding. Reliability, operational capacity and the useful life of our tanks correspond to the factory-made ones because when the installation of the tanks is completed, their quality is thoroughly checked before putting them into operation.


Installation of the steel tanks

Have you ever heard about the installation of the steel tanks directly on the site of their future operation? We developed and use our special techniques in the tank construction – we manufacture tanks in stages directly on the site of their erection. Our qualified workers, by welding, turn the large steel plates into a big tank structure. The fence and the stairs are being assembled when the erection of the tank body is completed.

Our tanks can be of any sizes – big or small depending on your requirements and needs because they are custom-made structures and they don’t have nominal standard dimensions as the factory-made ones.

The installation of the steel tanks and their attachments usually last about 2-4 weeks.


Installation of the vertical tanks

Our company is busy with different kinds of jobs, including the installation of the vertical tanks as well as horizontal ones.

You can ask – why do find your tanks so special? What is their main difference from the others on the market?

Our answer is very simple because all brilliant and genius decisions are simple by their nature. The peculiarity of our tank structures is in their structural performance. We do not extrude the components, we do not cast them. We are not connected with the factory procedures. It’s like a construction set, which is erected on the site and before your very eyes. Only qualified and skillful welders can erect this construction set, and it takes them about a month. In a month’s time you’ll be able to use your tank for its intended purposes.

The installation of the vertical tanks is a little bit different from the horizontal ones but we’re the experts in this field and you won’t notice the difference. The main thing is the result and it is of high quality with a long useful life.

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