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Manufacture a tank

Do you know that it is possible to manufacture a tank directly at the location where it is going to be used in future and the manufacturing process doesn’t take a long time? Our company provides manufacturing and installation services of tanks of any sizes and shapes. There are two kinds of tanks existed – vertical and horizontal. The main principle of the construction of such kinds of tanks is welding the steel plates of the required sizes to get the proper components (bottom, walls, and dome) and to assemble them by welding too. All jobs last not more than a month and they are performed directly at the area of the tank erection. So, you can save time, economize on delivery and supervise the manufacturing process.

Please contact us, and we can easily manufacture a tank up to your requirements.


Manufacture a steel tank

What is needed to manufacture a steel tank directly in the area of its erection? First, you need a designing project according to which, the fenced tank with the access covers and the comfortable stairs will be erected on the strengthened foundation.  All the components are installed by welding directly on the construction site. The material plays the key role. In our case, it’s the steel plates. The qualified workers assemble the tank bottom, roof and walls separately and then join all the steel parts into the whole structure. After that, they start working on the attachments.

The whole manufacturing and installation process lasts from 2 to 4 weeks. So, we can manufacture a steel tank on the site of its further operation rather fast, economically and with high quality.


Manufacture a vertical tank

What to do if you need a large oversize tank but ready-made manufactured ones don’t suit you? Certainly, you have to manufacture! A vertical tank or a horizontal tank, no difference. We manufacture and install the tank structures of different sizes. Our company has a special advantage over the others – we manufacture tanks on the site of their erection. It is faster, more practical and more economical.

No doubts, the tanks manufactured by our company are of high quality and reliable in operation.

When the erection of the tank structure is completed, all welded joints are thoroughly inspected and the hydrotesting is applied. After finishing of all operation tests, the corrosion protection covering is performed.

We can easily manufacture a vertical tank according to your specifications and we are ready to develop its designing project together with you.

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