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Manufacturing of tanks

One of the areas, in which our company is engaged, is manufacturing of tanks made of steel. We have provided high quality services in this business for more than 15 years and there are some well-known oil and agricultural companies and state enterprises among our clients. The main peculiarity of the tanks manufactured by our company is the installation of the tank structure directly on the site of its further operation. Manufacturing of tanks of the required size is going on before your very eyes and the process usually lasts about 4 weeks. So, this special technology helps to avoid the difficulties in transportation of the big-volume tanks and allows to manufacture tanks of the sizes and shapes needed.  Despite the speed of the work being done, we can guarantee high quality of the tanks which can compete with the factory-made ones.


Manufacturing of the steel tanks

Among the large assortment of our services you can easily find the one you need, for example, the manufacturing of the steel tanks. We can offer you the favorable short terms of the fulfilling your order according to our unique and many-times tested technology. Horizontal or vertical tanks of different sizes are manufactured on the construction site which makes the delivery of the factory-made tank unnecessary, so you can save time and financial resources. The process of manufacturing of the steel tank in the preparation area lasts not more than a month. After the tank structure has been erected, it is thoroughly tested and structural access covers, stairs and railings are installed and hydrotesting is performed. The quality of the tank performed by our company is similar to the factory-made ones.


Manufacturing of the vertical tanks

The process of manufacturing of the vertical tanks according to our unique technology lasts about a month.  When the design project is developed, it is necessary to prepare the construction site for the erection of the tank. It has to be flat and have a solid foundation. On the foundation of the tank structure, the bottom, made by welding, is being erected and at the same time the roof is being installed. Then, by the same methods, the large steel plate is being made from the separate smaller steel plates in order to assemble the tank walls on which the roof will be installed. After all the welded joints have been thoroughly inspected, the structural access covers and other attachments are installed.

The process of manufacturing of the vertical tanks finishes with the hermiticity tests and then, the corrosion resistant coating of the tank structure is being performed. The job is completed and the vertical tank is ready for operation.

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